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Why Fundraiser ?

We are building to meet international standards for music colleges and to meet the needs of our current student body.

Our initial estimate in September 2020 was 70 lakhs to complete a 7,000 square foot expansion of our facilities. We changed some of the materials, using Aerated Autoclaved Concrete blocks (AAC), and saved 15 lakhs, so our 70 lakh project became a 55 lakh project. With frugality measures, we have been able to raise 20 lakhs from BC’s surpluses. In addition to that, we have raised over 20 lakhs in donations.

The building is almost finished.
To complete the construction project we now need only 15 lakhs more.

Total Square Feet


Total Project Cost


So far, We’ve raised

and saved 55 lakhs


Approx. 40 Lakhs

We are in Need of

Rs. 15,00,000/-

  • i.e 21% of funds 79% 79%

Floor Plans & Construction Progress

Your Contribution can make a BIG difference.

Ways to Give

We are registered under 80G Income Act of India which means you can avail tax benefit on your donation to us.

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