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Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance

The Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance provides professional training for students aspiring to sharpen their skills in vocal technique. The program prepares students for performance of western classical, bel canto, and contemporary styles and covers aspects such as diction, pedagogy, technique, and performance etiquette. The degree consists of the SMS followed by eight semesters of dedicated music study and practice. It is made up of all of the core requirements plus the required specialization electives per semester.

Note: the language requirement may be fulfilled by one semester each of two different languages (such as French & German or German & Italian) or by one year of a single language. The Senior Recital includes a writing component. The Senior Recital is available to students only at the discretion of the Vocal Performance Department Faculty.


Students must maintain a ‘C’ or higher in all subjects in Summer Music Seminar order to qualify for entrance into the Bachelor of Music degree programs.


Core Requirements

All the Core Requirements, plus the following courses:

Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance

Course Code Course Title Credits
VOPF 221 Vocal Pedagogy 2
VOPF 212 European Language Diction 3
VOPF 231 Junior Recital 1
VOPF 341 German or French 6
VOPF 451 Musical Theatre 4
Total 18