The Bangalore Conservatory

India’s First Music Degree College

We began with a Vision to teach, and train young people in the Art of Christian Worship. That initial vision has grown into four world-class bachelors degree programs and a Master of Music Education program which is comparable to similar programs in some of best reputed schools in the world.

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“Dear Diary” by Incogni2 (video produced by some
of our students during lockdown.)

This is a song that talks about a major worldly issue, orphans who are left wondering what they did wrong to be left alone without a family. We also wanted to raise awareness about how the little things we do can make a difference for them, not just by adoption but also funding a child in need.

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Music Training
with a Mission

Building People to Build a Better World through Music

Summer Music Seminar

SMS began in 1998 as an 11-week evening program where professionals could get quality formal music training and still maintain their careers. Students came from 7-10 pm Monday through Friday for classes in writing skills, aural skills, and performance. That has grown to a 6-week full time program which includes music writing, aural, keyboard and performance skills. All participants are required to prepare and perform in the culminating concert in the bells choir and concert choir. This program is self-contained and can lead to a Certificate, and is the first six units of any of the Bachelor of Music Degree programs. It may be the most difficult and challenging and rewarding six weeks of your life.

Dates of SMS :   13th May – 21st June 2024


Years since we began

Students Trained


John Gratien – Almuni Talk

John Gratien – Almuni Talk

In the last 4 years, The Bangalore Conservatory has produced more than 30 graduates in Music.  Most of them today are full-time, professional music educators and performers. Alumni Talk will present success stories of many such graduates from time to time. Here’s...

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Spreading Goodwill & Happiness

Spreading Goodwill & Happiness

The Bangalore Conservatory presented an exceptional performance of Christmas opera on 14 December, 2012 to a packed out auditorium at the  St. Joseph’s High  School premises.  It was part of BC’s  Annual Christmas Concert & graduation 2012. Here’s Deccan Herald’s...

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Massimo Folliero

Massimo Folliero

Humble man, down to earth person and a world class performer. It was one of the best piano concert performed in India. Massimo covered music of Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms and the music truly came alive. For many in the audience it was the first time experiencing a...

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