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Summer Music Seminar

The Summer Intensive Music Seminar (SMS) is a rigorous six-week introduction to musical arts, designed to provide a firm foundation upon which to build an enduring edifice of musical knowledge and skills. It is the first session of all the Bangalore Conservatory’s degree programs.

SMS began in 1998 as an 11-week evening program where professionals could get quality formal music training while maintaining their careers. Students came Monday through Friday from 7-10 pm for classes in music writing skills, aural skills, and performance. Over the years, SMS has developed into a 6-week full time course, which includes instruction in music writing, aural theory, keyboard, history, and performance. The program culminates in a final concert, in which all participants perform in the bell choir and concert choir. 

The SMS program is self-contained, and those who successfully meet the requirements will be presented with a certificate of completion. For students interested in continuing for a degree, SMS also serves as the first six units of each Bachelor of Music Degree program. 

If you choose to attend SMS, be prepared to embark on what may be the most challenging, stretching, but rewarding six weeks of your life!

Dates of SMS :   13th May – 21th June 2024



Students must have completed 10th standard in order to participate in the SMS.

Core Subjects
Course Code Course Title Credits

MUEN 111 C/G/K

Choir or Ensemble 1

MUEN 121

Bell Ensemble


MUWS 111

Mus Writing Skills


MUAS 101

Aural Theory


MUPS 121

Class Piano


MUHS 101

Mus History


MUPS 111

Individual lessons


Total Units 7
Summer Music Seminar 2024