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Bachelor of Music in Church Music Leadership

The Bachelor of Music in Church Music Leadership is designed to provide the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for life-long musical development and a career in music ministry and worship leading. The degree consists of the SMS followed by eight semesters of dedicated music study and practice. It is made up of all of the core requirements plus the required specialization electives per semester. Students will be required to complete an internship in addition to leading a worship team for the BC chapel for two semesters.

Note: The Church Music Leadership Internship is a one-semester, faculty-mentored worship leading opportunity. Each student is assigned a faculty mentor who is responsible for evaluating the student’s performance, leadership and growth of the student throughout the internship.


Students must maintain a ‘C’ or higher in all subjects in Summer Music Seminar order to qualify for entrance into the Bachelor of Music degree programs.


Core Requirements

All the Core Requirements, plus the following courses:

Bachelor of Music in Church Music Leadership

Course Code Course Title Credits
CHMU 271 Class Voice 1
CHMU 211 Foundations of Worship 2
CHMU 221 Creative Worship 1
CHMU 272 Class Guitar 1
CHMU 331 Church Music Administration 3
CHMU 341 Church History 3
CMOT 361 Old Testament Survey 3
CMNT 362 New Testament Survery 3
CHMU 351 Church Music Leadership Internship 1
Total 18