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Bachelor of Music in Music Education

The Bachelor of Music in Music Education provides professional musical training for elementary and high school music teachers. The degree consists of the SMS followed by eight semesters of dedicated music study and practice. It is made up of all of the core requirements plus the required specialization electives for each semester.

Note: The Music Education Internship is a one-semester, faculty-mentored music teaching opportunity.  Each student teacher is assigned a faculty mentor who is responsible for evaluating the student’s performance, leadership, and growth throughout the internship.


Students must maintain a ‘C’ or higher in all subjects in Summer Music Seminar order to qualify for entrance into the Bachelor of Music degree programs.


Core Requirements

All the Core Requirements, plus the following courses:

Bachelor of Music in Music Education

Course Code Course Title Credits
MUED 235 Class Voice 1
MUED 222 Vocal Pedagogy 2
MUED 221 Piano Pedagogy 2
MUED 234 Class Guitar 1
MUED 312 Elementary Music Methods 3
MUED 333 String Techniques 1
MUED 331 Percussion Techniques 1
MUED 332 Woodwind Techniques 1
MUED 413 Secondary Vocal Music Methods 2
MUED 413 Music Education Methods 2
MUED 341 Music Education Internship 1
Total 17

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